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Improving soil health

Posted on May 3, 2018

Improving soil health

A survey of our fresh produce supply chain by NIAB has shown the positive actions that our growers are taking to ensure the good health of their soil.

NIAB is the UK’s fastest growing crop science organisation with strong research links with industry, Government and academia.

Over 55% of our leafy salads, field vegetables and potato suppliers responded to the soil stewardship and knowledge survey. Each respondent had recently taken direct action to improve the physical, chemical or biological health of their soil.

Our growers also showed awareness and an appreciation of the long-term challenges to improving the sustainability of their soils, with 64% identifying specific soil management challenges they were aiming to overcome.

The majority of respondents highlighted specific activities that would support them further in improving soil health, including technical training and support to trial new techniques and approaches on their farms.

I’m encouraged by our grower participation in the soil survey. The majority of our growers have a documented soil management plan in place to enable them to tackle the long-term challenges out there. The next step is to support new techniques and approaches to encourage soil health and sustainability

On the potato crops I’m involved with, we are frequently seeing growers using wider crop rotations, increased use of cover crop and incorporation of organic matter to improve soil structure.– Tim Brammer, Manager – Potato Crop

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