Our products
What we source for Asda

Edible Produce

From fruit and vegetables through to salads

Our Head Office in West Yorkshire focuses on a number of products including grapes, salads and stone fruit, whereas our site in Kent packs berries, citrus, melons and top fruits.

Our sites in Cambridgeshire and Scotland concentrate on the packing of potatoes and onions.

We also have a state of the art banana ripening facility near to our head office.

Houseplants & Flowers

Asda's full range of bouquets and potted plants

We work closely with our growers to ensure the proper measures are taken when cropping, watering, transporting and storing plants.

At our purpose built Houseplants & Flowers operation in Peterborough, we assemble bouquets for everyday use as well as for holiday events such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


We source wines from all around the world

We supply Asda with wines from exclusive brands, producer labels and own brand. We adhere to the highest technical standards and have successfully sourced a number of award winning wines.

Our state of the art packaging site in Norfolk, allows us to control quality, reduce environmental impact and improve our offering to customers. We are Asda’s largest wine supplier, currently sourcing and supplying Asda with the equivalent of almost 100 million bottles of wine each year.

Nuts & Dried Fruit

A wide variety of snacks and cereals

We source and pack a range of products for Asda, including Desserts & Baking, Snacking and Front of Store. We source directly in bulk format from 25 different countries, allowing us to focus on quality and providing us with greater control and transparency of the supply chain.

Our fully owned dry packing facility at Telford handles over 40 million packs per year and allows us to pack in various retail formats efficiently, from fruit and nut mixes to cereals.


Asda's full range of cooked meats and bacon

In 2016 we successfully completed the acquisition of Forza and Kober, two of the largest meat processing facilities in the UK. Forza and Kober are wholly owned subsidiaries of IPL with both sites continuing to operate as separate companies.

The acquisition allowed us to expand our supply chain offering to include cooked meats and bacon; helping us to deliver additional savings for Asda customers.