Doing the right thing

Our strategy

Our sustainability strategy has three core themes

Economic, Environmental and Social

These themes form the basis of our sustainability strategy alongside Asda. By working within these themes, we aspire to reshape our industry to achieve significant and lasting improvement. We aim to make sustainability the heart of our decision-making process and to give a long-term benefit to our customers.


The effectiveness and efficiency of our supply chain

We aim to maintain a profitable business by driving initiatives that improve efficiency throughout our supply chain.

We are committed to innovation in order to continuously improve the quality of our products for Asda customers.

Our promise to our growers acknowledges our responsibilities to them and commits to an open and honest relationship.


Reducing our environmental impact

We've set ambitious targets across our sites to reduce our use of energy and water. We also work hard to minimise the volume of waste we produce, operating zero waste to landfill within all IPL operating sites.

We continue to engage in projects with our suppliers, farmers and growers to help reduce their impact on the environment.


Having a positive influence on our supply chains

We invest in enhancing the horticultural and food industries in the countries and regions that we source from.

We work on a number of educational programmes which range from ethical manuals and accommodation guides for growers, to mentorship and leadership programmes for workers on fruit farms.

We are also looking to increase our knowledge of the challenges faced by farmers and communities in our supply chain.

Poverty Footprint

Addressing issues within supply chains

We partnered with Oxfam on a project to understand the impact international business has on workers and communities living in poverty in our supply chains.

The study provided insight to the issues affecting workers and farmers in Kenya and identified how we can address these issues within our own supply chain.

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Reducing plastic waste and usage

In-line with Asda’s ongoing commitment to ‘Use less and recycle more’, we're working with our suppliers to significantly reduce the amount of plastic packaging used on our products and improve recyclability.

We've also improved our food and packaging waste segregation by identifying paths to reduce, reuse and recycle waste wherever possible.


Fighting hunger and reducing waste

IPL and FareShare have been working together since 2011 to tackle hunger and fight food waste.

FareShare are a UK charity which redistributes surplus, good-to-eat food from the food industry, which would otherwise go to waste.

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