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Summer Sun Support

Posted on August 22, 2018

Summer Sun Support

The combination of the hot weather and a lack of rain has made it difficult for a lot of our growers across the UK and the rest of Europe. Carrots in particular have been much more difficult to grow.

Carrots usually take around 140 days to fully grow. However, the extended heatwave and dry spell of this summer has resulted in it taking much longer, as it’s difficult to get enough water in the fields. Growers such as Guy Poskitt (who supplies IPL with carrots his farm in Kellington, North Yorkshire) have had to extensively irrigate their fields to try and make the carrots grow as they usually would.

We’ve worked closely with Guy on the specifications of carrots and our crop utilisation model to find ways to make sure none of his carrots go to waste. We’re pleased to confirm that the majority of Guy’s crop this year, no matter what shape or size, will be making it to Asda stores.

It’s fantastic to have that close relationship because it takes our minds off thinking about whether or not a supermarket will buy our carrots and enables us to focus on getting out in the fields and making sure we deliver carrots for Asda customers. If you know you’re going to survive the commercial difficulties caused by a summer like this then all your efforts can go on doing a good job.– Guy Poskitt

We’ve all enjoyed the great weather this summer but the carrot crop hasn’t. The temperatures we’ve had have not allowed the carrots to bulk up as much as we would like them to. We don’t only need carrots this year but we need them for the next 10, 20, 30 years. Supporting growers such as Guy will see us work towards a sustainable future!– Pete Lawrie, Specialist – Buyer Edible Produce

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