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Britain loves berries

Posted on January 16, 2019

Britain Loves Berries

Britain’s appetite for berries is showing no signs of slowing down according to Asda sales data for 2018, with raspberries and blueberries surging into its top ten fresh products.

In 2018, blueberries saw a 53% sales increase last year in Asda stores, whereas raspberries were the sixth most purchased fruit or veg.

Red grapes also had an impressive year, taking third place. The popularity of berries and grapes reveals Britain’s growing sweet tooth, knocking old favourites such as tomatoes and broccoli out of Asda’s top ten.

Here at IPL we source a variety of different products from around the world, specifically for Asda, including their full range of fresh produce.

Ian Harrison, our Technical Director explains, “2018 was a renaissance year for berries, which were graced with an incredible growing season thanks to the weather and our British growers making the most of the sunshine to produce quality, sweet fruit.

“As our love for berries continues to grow, we’re working with our growers to develop new varieties that match changing tastes and diets as we vary our produce repertoire.”

“When it comes to fruit, we’re a nation where the sweeter, the better. We’re investigating a number of delicious new varieties on grapes, stone fruit and berries to deliver the perfect fruit for Brits, who are falling in love with fruit with a bang of sweet flavour.”

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