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New pear packaging

Posted on May 19, 2021

To support Asda’s commitment to reduce the use of plastic in the business, we aim to remove 350 tonnes and 200 millions units of plastic from our packaging in 2021.

Earlier this year we changed the packaging format of our Garden Gang Pears from a punnet to a fully recyclable, low density polyethylene (LDPE) bag, saving 27 tonnes plastic and removing over 1.5 m units of packaging.

We are now applying a similar swap to our 4-pack of Conference Pears. We’ll be replacing the plastic punnet with an LDPE bag for the majority for the year, whereas a recyclable, compostable pulp tray and flow wrap will be used for a couple of months each year when the fruit is more delicate.

These swaps will save a whopping 170 tonnes of plastic a year and remove around 7.5 million units of packaging. This brings our total plastic removed from packing in 2021 up to 290 tonnes!

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