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IPL’s Gender Pay Report for 2023

Posted on March 18, 2024

IPL has published its Gender Pay Report for 2023.

In a report published on the Government’s Gender Pay website, IPL has reported that, for the 2023 Gender Pay Gap reporting period:

  • The mean pay difference between men and women employed by IPL is 9.72%
  • The median pay difference between men and women employed by IPL is 2.95%.

75.5% of IPL’s colleagues work in operational roles in our processing sites. In respect of those colleagues, the mean gender pay gap is 1.49% and the median gender pay gap is 2.30%.

You can read IPL’s Gender Pay Report in full by clicking the following link: IPL Gender Pay Gap Report 2023.

Varinder Rehal, Group Corporate Services Director, IPL said: “At IPL, we are fully committed to being a truly inclusive business where each and every one of our colleagues is treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their gender.

“However, to fulfil our Purpose: ‘one team, creating exceptional value for our customer’, and live our Values, we strive to create a business where everyone feels listened to, feels valued and has access to opportunities.

“It is encouraging to see that both our mean and median figures remain well below the UK’s average gender pay figure measured by ONS.”

In addition, we have also published Gender Pay Reports for our subsidiary companies, Forza Foods Limited and Kober Limited.

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