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Monster Melon Harvest

The recent heatwave has helped our grower produce more watermelons than ever before. This year has seen a harvest of over 8,000 British watermelons - a whopping 1,230% increase vs 2017! Watts Farms have taken full advantage of the hot, sunny weather to replicate conditions in warmer European climates, using polytunnels and insulated soil, so that heat is created naturally. Weighing on average over 2kg, these British watermelons are showing sugar levels comparable with those of Spanish producer...

Posted: Friday 14th Sep 2018

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Outstanding Traceability

Red Tractor is the largest food standard scheme in the UK and is an easy signpost for consumers looking for British food and drink that they can trust. Red Tractor has some of the most comprehensive farm and food standards in the world. Every working day in the UK, independent inspectors conduct inspections so that consumers can be confident that the food they buy is traceable, safe and responsibly produced and has met standards set by experts in their field. The technical team at our site in ...

Posted: Thursday 13th Sep 2018

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We had heat, we had pain, then we finally got some rain

Jon Wynn, our Technical Manager for vegetables, has been out on the road assessing the impact of Britain’s record-breaking weather on our vegetable growers. We source all our fresh produce from carefully selected approved growers. We provide our growers with forecasts of what we expect to sell several months ahead from when it is on sale in our stores. Growers will then carefully plan planting times and the varieties of the vegetables that they grow. They aim to ensure that each wee...

Posted: Friday 7th Sep 2018

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Moreish Mangoes

Asda has reported a 20% year on year sales increase in whole head and prepared mangoes. Working closely with growers in Peru, Israel, West-Africa and Brazil, we ensure that Asda customers have access to ripe, juicy, mangoes through any season, including winter when the fruit sourced from Peru is the perfect eating quality. Following customer feedback for even sweeter, less fibrous fruit, we’ve worked with our growers to offer popular mango varieties unrivalled in flavour and consistency ...

Posted: Wednesday 29th Aug 2018

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Summer Sun Support

The combination of the hot weather and a lack of rain has made it difficult for a lot of our growers across the UK and the rest of Europe. Carrots in particular have been much more difficult to grow. Carrots usually take around 140 days to fully grow. However, the extended heatwave and dry spell of this summer has resulted in it taking much longer, as it’s difficult to get enough water in the fields. Growers such as Guy Poskitt (who supplies IPL with carrots his farm in Kellington, Nort...

Posted: Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018

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