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Introducing: the Goutini

This summer, we are introducing a brand-new type of tomato to Asda stores – the Goutini. Grown in Southport, our growers have spent four years perfecting the new variety to ensure the best quality, sweetest fruit possible and say it’s now “perfect”. Resembling a Beefsteak tomato, the Goutini contains the highest amount of natural sugar for a tomato this size. A regular Beefsteak tomato has a natural sugar level of 3.5%, whereas the Goutini contains twice that – a ...

Posted: Friday 25th May 2018

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Open and honest feedback

In 2017 we launched a new 360° feedback system within IPL. 360° feedback gives colleagues the opportunity to celebrate their strengths whilst promoting open and honest conversations.  Since we launched the new system 87% of all our salaried colleagues have been through the process and have received feedback. We wanted colleagues to be in control of their conversations, so they choose who they want to receive feedback from. Those who are giving feedback are encouraged to share some...

Posted: Thursday 24th May 2018

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Improving Soil Health

A survey of our fresh produce supply chain by NIAB has shown the positive actions that our growers are taking to ensure the good health of their soil. NIAB is the UK’s fastest growing crop science organisation with strong research links with industry, Government and academia. Over 55% of our leafy salads, field vegetables and potato suppliers responded to the soil stewardship and knowledge survey. Each respondent had recently taken direct action to improve the physical, chemical or biolo...

Posted: Thursday 3rd May 2018

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The IPL Wine Supplier Awards

At this year’s Prowein, IPL presented several of our wine suppliers with awards to thank them for their work over the previous year. ProWein is the world’s leading trade fair for wine and spirits, and is the largest industry meeting for professionals from viticulture, production, trade and gastronomy. The event is an ideal opportunity for colleagues in our beverages team to meet with our wine suppliers from all around the world. It’s also a chance to meet potential new suppli...

Posted: Monday 23rd Apr 2018

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Leading The Way

IPL colleagues gathered at Asda House to attend a graduation ceremony for participants who have recently completed our internal leadership programme, Lead the Way. The Lead the Way programme was introduced to support our colleagues who are transitioning from manager roles to leadership roles. It aims to equip them with the skills to effectively lead, develop and motivate their teams. The ceremony was a celebration of their achievements throughout the programme and was an opportunity to acknowl...

Posted: Thursday 19th Apr 2018

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